Magnum Manila

Last Tuesday Magnum Cafe opened in level 5 of SM Aura in the Philippines. They said that the first 500 customers get Make Your Own Magnum order for free. I wanted to go but no one could bring me.

So on Wednesday I asked my parents and Tica to bring me and Ate Gabby. They didn’t have real food so we ate in the Japanese restaurant next door. The Magnum people said that hamburgers and pasta will be available after two weeks.

M is for Magnum. Made from popsicle sticks.

After lunch, we went back for dessert.

Is this the real gold Magnum.


My Magnum Gold had Speculoos cookies, marshmallow, honeycomb and chocolate sauce. Magnum Gold means it was dipped in caramel. It dries up fast! The girl making my order is called a pleasure maker.




Daddy had his vanilla on apple pie.


Ate Gabby and Tica had the cookie dough skillet. The red velvet they wanted was gone.


Mommy had a salty and sweet bar with cheese, almonds and white chocolate.


I really want to go back soon because they said it will only be open for 1 year. I know. When I heard one year only I was NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!! The dessert was very good but the 1 year not so good.

Level 5
SM Aura
McKinley Parkway, Taguig
Metro Manila, NCR, Philippines



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