Fortunate to Eat in Chinatown

This is me checking out the menu. I ordered Four Season shake and Man Tau bread. My parents ordered the rest.


Cool after the hot walk.


Stuffed tofu, corn siomai and lobster balls. At 2pm the dimsum has discount. I liked the lobster balls best.


Daddy ordered cold shrimp salad. I like the shrimp but not with fruit cocktail. I like fruit cocktail only in fruit salad, not with shrimp.


Mommy ordered eel. It was really good but felt weird to eat it.


We also ate pork spareribs and shrimp roll.



ManTau bread that if you order makes you eat like a pig. So good if you dip in condensed milk.


We got free dessert. Almond jelly. The chef also gave us fresh fruits but I don’t know why.



Everything was good in Golden Fortune Restaurant even the servers like Jay who were very fast. The not so good was walking around Chinatown. I will take a tricycle next time.


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