Two things That annoy me before a movie

Watching a movie in the theater in the Philippines, here are some intros that I find annoying:

In #2spot is the video of two guys telling you to what not to do during the movie and showing you who aren’t doing correct things. These things are so obvious even to a kid like me why do they need to keep reminding us?

Click here if you have not seen it

And number 1 is the Cosmos commercial. Okay, if you know Anne Curtis in the Kids Choice Awards, she is the girl in the commercial. Here in the film she’s lying down in a crater with a lake like Taal Volcano in Batangas. Then stars are falling. She catches a falling star that bursts with others and turns into a phone and then she says the Cosmos is in your hand.

What the heck is this commercial?
Click here if you have not seen it.

Why is the phone named Cosmos? Why is she in a crater? Is the crater Taal Volcano? Why is she half-naked? Sorry to Anne and the director if you read this but I do not like it even if I voted for Anne as Favorite Asian Act.

These are not so good. Anne in Kids Choice is good. But she lost to G.E.M. which is not good. Also not good was G.E.M. was not there to receive the award. I know. So out of topic. 😀


2 thoughts on “Two things That annoy me before a movie

  1. Luis, you crack me up!!! I had fun reading your entries, high five to you! Ditto on the theater guys video, tito Rommel and I loathe it too. Robinson’s Movieworld, better stop it already.


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