Experiment 123: Project Pie

It was Daddy’s “spoil Luis and Gabby” day so we went to Project Pie in Alabang. I had to figure out what pizza I was going to make using the different ingredients I saw used in shows on TV.

I decided to make a pizza version of Jake’s perfect sandwich. Jake is a talking dog with stretching powers from the cartoon Adventure Time. The perfect sandwich/pizza had tomato, red onion, bacon, basil. In place of Jake’s cream cheese I used mozzarella, instead of steak I used pepperoni, instead of pickles I forgot what I used, instead of a bird I used BBQ sauce and instead of eggs I used nothing.

This is my pizza uncooked.


This is my pizza cooked. So much blurred pictures cause a. I’m always hungry and b. I stink at taking pictures.


My drink was Royal. And we’ll never be royal, royal.

This is Ate Gabby’s perfect picture pizza that I’m jealous of. Hers was the second best pizza in taste. Mine was first and daddy was last place.


This is a picture of my dad taking a photo of his pizza with his wallet and phone.


This is the menu. Blurred again. This is blurredphotos.com.


Everything good is making the pizza and choosing ingredients and eating the pizza. Actually it was even better cause this time there was no long line like the first time we ate there. Not so good was Daddy not letting us eat in the second floor. So do you want to be on top?


4 thoughts on “Experiment 123: Project Pie

  1. That sounded like a lot of fun, Luis! I wanted to taste your pizza:-). Next time I come to visit, we should all go there and have a pizza war! Hehe!


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