Food view in Bellevue

We went to Bellevue hotel in Alabang for Easter lunch with Lolo Jun. After our family arrived everyone else showed up one after the other. We were all so hungry we just greeted each other then we went to the buffet.

My first plate had spicy tuna and different kinds of sushi. The picture is blurred cause I was in a hurry and wanted to eat.

No picture of my second plate which had a juicy tender steak. No picture because I was still hungry and I forgot. While I was eating that my Tito Nino had the biggest plate of seafood but I think it was undercooked or something cause he asked them to cook it some more before he checked then ate everything.

Next picture. Blurred eggs. Not because I was still hungry but because someone pushed me. Maybe they were hungry. It is actually creme brûlée in an eggshell.

Next picture is all the desserts in a pyramid. The photo bombers are Ate Gabby and my cousin Lauren.

Here are some of the desserts like cupcake, cookies and more. I also saw ube with quezo. Picture is black and white cause I still don’t have a black and white picture in my blog and I want one.

This is what it looks like with color.

I got this picture from my dad who has the blog of plant chaser. We played the game called Heads Up. It is a good game. And I have a question? What part of a dead body does Hannibal Lecter serve first when you eat with him? Comment if you know the answer. In the picture you can see Ate Gabby, the girl who is always texting.


They have more kinds of food than what I showed here. They also have bread, Chinese dimsum, Korean, potato, salad, soup and so much more. What is good is the Japanese and the steak and the creme brûlée and the cupcakes. What is not so good is that some desserts in the pyramid were too high for me to get and there was no waiter around to help me. What is not so good is that one of the desserts I couldn’t get is my favorite cake Black Forest. What is not so good is me not smart enough to ask Ate Gabby to help me get it.


10 thoughts on “Food view in Bellevue

  1. Luis, you are so funny and I love reading your blog! Keep on posting your colorful experiences, okay?
    Now you’re making me think hard about Hannibal Lecter and the body parts:-( Ewe!


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