Who wants a Second Asian post?

Last Sunday we ate in Kimono Ken for lunch before we went shopping for my new pambahay outfits.

Kimono Ken is near My Little Buttercup in SM City BF.

Hot while it is raw. Spicy tuna salad.

Still raw but not hot. Unless you add wasabi. Spicyyyyy!

What is this crescent? We’re not studying about the gyoza moon.

This is Japanese fried rice.

Yeah! Juicy cows. Looks delicious. Hey, what do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef! Boom!

My order was kani tamadon because I love crabs. Oh yeah, Mr. Crab. Oh yeah, oh yeah, Mr. Crab. This is Ate Gabby and Moira’s inside joke.


Ebi tempura. Who wants shrimp? Ebi tempura.


What is this? Is this Bon Chon? NO!!! This is crispy fried chicken with like sesame seeds or something. Dad says teriyaki.


Everything is good. Everything. I got to taste everything above. Not so good is I got really, really fat. Not so good was I had to take the outside photo twice cause it wasn’t perfect. Mommy made me do it.

Enticingly Japanese. For less.


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