Twelve bites to heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twelve exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!


Twelve Cupcakes is in the ground floor of SM BF. I know. So many posts on SM BF food. I need to kick this blog up a notch and soon.

The store was started by these people from Singapore but they were not around when we went. They must be somewhere over the rainbow. Or they could be back in Singapore.


They have many flavors. Regular and premium.



But not all are available. I don’t want to explain how it works so just click here.

Anyway we ordered these. Mmmmm. They look good.


There is Cookies and Cream, Peach, Strawberry and Vanilla, Bailey’s.

They have mirror optical illusion. Look. Clone mommys, clone me’s and clone iPads.


Everything good was Daddy’s strawberry and vanilla cupcake and the mirror optical illusion. Also good is Daddy, Mommy and Ate Gabby liked their cupcakes even if I only liked Daddy’s. My frosting was good but the cupcake not so good. That’s it. Legit.


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