Marry me, Grace!

I have no idea why my family keeps going to SM BF. Like a spell made them fall in love with it. Seriously, it is because Daddy loves the Director’s Club. I get it cause Director’s Club is first class.

We were supposed to watch Spiderman however people were going cuckoo-laka getting tickets so my mom said we should just watch on the weekend.

We went to Mary Grace cafe instead. Here are the food we ate.

Cream cheese and artichoke dip that was a bit more liquid. All of us shared.


Fresh tomato and herb pasta for Mommy. Mommy won the best tasting order contest for me.


Daddy got the longanisa sandwich. It didn’t look like longanisa shape to me.I don’t know what else was in the sandwich but you can see tomato and lettuce. Anyhow let’s make this short. Just look at the picture below.


Ate Gabby had French toast with peaches.


They have a blackboard with specials.


So of course I ordered PIZZA! Garlic and mushroom. So yummy! Everyone got from my order.


We had sangria iced tea. Heller! Best iced tea in town!


Last I had cheesecake.


Everything good was everything! That’s why I want to marry Mary Grace cause her food is delicious. Not so good was not getting Spiderman tickets.


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