Yaki is not Yucky

Finally! Not SM BF!

We went to Muntinlupa to head to a restaurant known as Yakimix which is located in Alabang Town Center.

Your height has to be below the line to qualify for the kiddie price. I failed.


The buffet is kinda huge but not as huge as Spiral. Look at what they have.

Ahoy mateys! Seafood for the grill.


Let’s eat farm animals. Meat for the grill.


Back to my favorite merienda. Fish balls, fish cakes, squid balls, etc. Also for the grill.


Yay! Japanese!


Finally, food that is already cooked!


First things not first. Appetizers.


I don’t know what to say. So much sauce.


Time to top the ice cream.


This was not the best spicy tuna I ever tasted.


Everything good was all the pictures except the spicy tuna and breads which were not so good. Also good was not going to SM BF. Also my measuring was not so good because it is expensive if you are above the line.


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