A Mother’s Day Special

My 1st post in a fancy restaurant with wine.


Today is a Mother’s Day special. We ate in Sage a new restaurant in Shangri-La Makati.

These are the menus for kids and adults



Next is a type of wine that me and my sister sipped.


So let’s begin with our favorite food.

This is served once. When you eat it go next time to get again. It is ham and cheese quiche.


Next is a crown of beets and in it is a salad with scallops.


This is a dish that has salmon salad, fried spring roll with egg in toast


Now it’s carrot mash and duck nuggets.


Next is Ate Gabby’s fish caught by a dish. Sea bass. Yum!


And the rest.




Now dessert. My parents and Ate Gabby got a weird strawberry ice cream in a Mario kinda mushroom thing.



We’re up all night for good fun. We’re up all night to get lucky. I got the luckiest dessert. 4 sorbets. A cherry or some kind of berry, chocolate s., mango s. and basil s. It’s an order in the kids menu and you just got lucky from Daft Punk’s song Get Lucky.


Now look. Sugar cubes. Best thing mom let me do with my sister. Now more lucky.


Everything good was everything except the mashed carrots and fricking basil sorbet which were not so good. What kid wants basil s? By the way I mixed chocolate s and mango s with pink ice cream from Ate Gabby and ice tea. Also good.


Add mango and chocolate you get macolate / makulit that’s me!


4 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Special

    • Thank you did you read my email when you got operated? Of Jet and Cord getting eliminated? The final 3 are the Brenchels, Dave and Connor and Caroline and Jennifer. No one loves the Brenchels. By the way the beets and scallops are not my order.


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