11 Days of Milk Tea

I started taking swimming classes recently. After each swimming class I always have milk tea.

i love milk tea

That’s even the name of the store.


This is located along Tropical Avenue in BF Homes. From Elizalde Street, you will pass a big plant store and Montessori de Manila. Turn right to Tropical Avenue you will see an abandoned house. If you look left you will see a place to practice polo. If you look right you will see Mama Lou’s restaurant which I might post sometime. If you see both, just go straight and you will see i love milk tea and The Village sports club entrance. It looks ugly at the entrance but when you enter it is a beautiful sports club. It looks first class. You can only go there if you have a membership but it is super expensive.

Back to the milk tea. The place is really small with 2 tables inside and 3 tables outside.

I have tried many drinks but today I drank the popping pearls yogurt tea and the flavor was strawberry. Popping pearls have juice inside that pop in your mouth.


Popping pearls can be found also in PinkBerry yogurt place. Like this one in my order with blueberry, waffle and pomegranate yogurt that my Tita Agnes bought for me the last time we had dinner together in ATC. The red circles are the popping pearls.


This is the Royal Milktea / The Original. I treated Daddy cause I opened my piggy bank and got money.


On the wall they have a bunch of sticky pads and notes but I have no idea why is it there. I guess we’ll never know. I have no plans of finding out.


Everything good is everything! Nothing not so good today and for eleven days.


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