Missing croissants and Grisbi

When I was in Paris with my family we had really good breakfasts. OMG, Paris! The city of love, croissants and Grisbi!


My mom and dad won’t let us have a dog so we enjoyed having Grisbi with us in Paris.


When we got back to Manila, I missed Grisbi and I missed the croissants. Near Grisbi’s house on the same street is an Eric Kayser bread store. I don’t remember the French word. It is a famous bakery in Paris. It takes 20 hours to make their bread but their bread is always fresh.

My mom told us before that there will be Eric Kayser in Rockwell in Manila but we only went last Sunday.


Croissants and pastries! The bread looks so yummy. Ate Gabby and I tasted the free bread. I want to eat bread now. Do we still have any bread? No more walnut bread. Ate Gabby ate it all.


Me and my French bread.


Well, we couldn’t wait and ate this in the car next to the bridge that looks like the Sydney harbour bridge in Australia. Where else is there a Sydney harbour bridge? They call this mini financiers.


We didn’t try all the bread but the best for me was the salted caramel eclairs. Everything good included the croissant of course. Also good is having a dog named Grisbi in Paris. Not so good was the financiers even if they look like gold coins. Only the yellow ones look like gold coins. The brown ones look like dirty coins. I’m sorry Eric Kayser, I’m sorry Paris but I just don’t like the taste of nuts. Not so good is Grisbi is not here in the Philippines. I want to go back to Paris.


3 thoughts on “Missing croissants and Grisbi

  1. Hi Luis! Reading your blog makes me hungry. I am now craving for croissant, pizza and that Kimono Ken fried rice. Carbs, carbs and more carbs 🙂 Grisbi looks adorable! I hope you have a reunion with him bientôt.


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