The Amazing Meatloaf

We went to a wake and my parents said you have to stop somewhere not in your house so that death won’t follow us home so we decided to eat in a restaurant. But I was full from the fried chicken and sopas in the wake so I had to face eating in the restaurant.


We went to Apartment 1B in Rockwell. There is an open window to the kitchen.


Also 6 TV screens showing only plants. I thought my dad who is a blogger about plants, Plantchaser will like it but he didn’t pay attention and only played scramble on his phone. My Ate Gabby is also a blogger but I am not so sure if she still blogs. My mom used to be a blogger about us when we were babies but she stopped cause we are now not so young.


My parents shared corn chowder so not so many in the bowl and I didn’t get any.


I ordered pizzettas for all of us but I only ate two not because it was not so good but because I was full.


I didn’t try this but it looks so good and it is good cause daddy and mommy finished it.


The meatloaf. Loved it! Haven’t tried meatloaf in a long time cause we asked mommy to make more but she didn’t want to cause she didn’t have all the ingredients.


Everything good is the pizzettas and meatloaf. Good is death is now stuck there in Rockwell. Not so good is the mom of my mom’s boss died. So sad. Not so good is that I was full and I couldn’t face eating some of the food. That’s it for today. Bye bye.


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