What happened to Bambi?

He became


Bamba is a restaurant that is also in BF Parañaque. Again. Lolo Jun invited us to Sunday family lunch.

Artichoke crostini. I thought it was chocolate sauce but mom says it is balsamic but I don’t know what that is.


My cousin Santi had tenderloin steak. I only had the sauce and some of the burnt crumbs. What I had was good. It was Ate Gabby and Lauren who really tasted the steak. And daddy tasted also.


I ordered Boom burger. The ingredients I know was the burger, eggs but I only ate the yolk, fries and bun and the other stuff in it. And it even comes with a free vanilla shake but it is as tall as my pinky finger I think. This is daddy’s hamburger picture.


Fondue. I don’t wanna talk about it. It is just so good. The photo bombers are Ate Gabby and Santi.


Everything good was everything I wrote about most of all the fondue. Not so good was my mom and dad would not let us go swimming at our cousin’s village pool.

Here is my question. Because of Bamba is Bambi now a girl? Where did the name come from?


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