Secret restaurant like a Secret Garden

Mission: This restaurant is hidden so you have to find it. It is on Sucat road diagonally across SM BF.

Clue: It is hard to park.

There was so much carpaccio. Like a flower made out of raw meat. I liked it but we had to share everything.


The ravioli is good. I haven’t tried it for a long time. It was special not on the menu with mushrooms inside.


This is the special pasta of the owner. It is named after the restaurant that is named after the owner. Daniele’s Pasta.


This is fresh arugula and ham.


I liked the seafood pizza better.


Everything good was everything. Also good we watched X-men after dinner. Not so good is I fell asleep sometime in the middle of the movie. What happened when they went to Washington? Not so good is I have to be awake to make this post.


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