I did summer classes in theatre. Our plays were Beauty is a Beast and 9 worst break ups.

I only made Beauty is a beast cause 9 worst break ups were for the older kids.

This is me as a scribe.



This is our “selfie” but we didn’t have a stick for the camera so it was taken by our parents so it is not really a selfie just a picture. #classact

Everything good is that we performed well and mom bought me Starbucks banana mango something. It is limited like the Caramel ribbon crunch. I think. Not so good is I fell down 4 out of 5 steps backstage during the play because someone left a basket and none of the villager girls came to get their baskets. I was in pain and can’t run, skip or jump. Anything that involves one leg. I know people say break a leg but I’m not used to saying it and I didn’t really break mine I just hurt it. So no thanks to whoever left the basket in the staircase and no thanks to whoever invented staircases. Good that the people on stage right helped me stand up and checked on me. After 5 minutes not so painful but it hurts if I touch it.


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