Ola Spain!

Finally out of Parañaque but I’m too lazy to do this so here are the food pictures.

View of food from the 2nd floor.

They had appetizer, salads and drinks like iced tea and sangria.

20140526-183730.jpg 20140526-183745.jpg
20140526-183756.jpg 20140526-183806.jpg

Protein, guys! You ask them to grill it for you.

20140526-184824.jpg 20140526-184836.jpg

Different paella that will make your tongue colored.

20140526-184952.jpg 20140526-185001.jpg

I have no idea what these are but they are some of the cooked food.

This is where the soup is. Hot corn soup and the cold tomato soup. Try to I Spy my soup.

This is my soup. Did you find it?

This is the food that I had grilled.

This is an eye-popping picture.

Everything I tried is good. The best is the corn soup. I had 3 servings. The grilled steak was also good. I asked for my favorite medium well. Ate Gabby did not know what meat to get so she was bugging me to go help her choose cause I had good steak. I said to her Believe in yourself. What you choose is the right answer for you. I do that and I usually get the best food. Not so good was that I really wanted to eat in Cyma. If Barcino did not have buffet we would eat in Cyma but Barcino had buffet so fail for me. However I still enjoyed overall.


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