The Amazing Race Places Season 19

Announcement: because school starts this month when school starts I will not post everyday. I think only Monday and Friday.

I started watching Amazing Race when I was 6 years old or something. It is Season 18. I know because of the goth people. I don’t know who they were. I have not been to any of the places in Season 18. However in Season 19, they went to some places that I went to also.

Bangkok in Thailand.

I did not go to where the challenge is but we visited plenty temples, the plant market and the wax museum. I wanted to make my own wax glove but since we live in a hot place it was not a good idea.

TAR also went to Legoland, Billund. I’ve always wanted to go to Legoland and to get my driver’s license by driving in those Lego cars.  They have Legoland in Malaysia.  I think they have driving test also.  In Legoland in Florida, they have boating lessons.  But mini for kids. We were supposed to go there in Malaysia for my birthday but my mom said the pollution was very bad at that time and I have asthma so no. At least I bought a few Lego sets including the Sydney opera house and a car that is NXT. However the NXT I really wanted is the one with the remote controller. I want to do robotics but I need high grades in math and science. Boo!

One of the pit stops was Atomium in Brussels, Belgium. I wanted to go by walking so I could lose weight from my fat belly but my parents said it was too far and that we didn’t have time.  So we watched the gay and lesbian parade near our hotel.  We walked so far but there was a shortcut.

We didn’t go to the pit stop Atomium but we went to Grand Place where we ate frog legs.  I might post about that sometime.  No Atomium, but we went to church, the smurf mall and the manneken pis which even has a girl version. It was the nearest attraction to the hotel. It is just babies peeing.

Not so good is I still need to go to Los Angeles, Taipei, Indonesia, Phuket, Malawi, Denmark, Panama and Atlanta. AND LEGOLAND!!!!!!!  I want to go to the one in Billund.  They have a Lego display of the house I think of the inventor of Lego, Ole and his son Godtfred but they pronounce it Godfreyd in the video I saw. They were the ones who started the Lego company and Ole died though. Their factory was burnt two times and Godtfred continued the Lego company.  I want to go there!!!!! Also, there was no room for the extra Legos so when a worker said he will leave the train in the table, he got an idea to make a place like a land full of Legos.  Legos means put together in Latin. I think.  So Legoland means put together land. But it also means play well so it is like play well in put together land.  I need to go there.  Quick.  Another trip for TAR blogging Luis and family.

By the way, TAR 25 started already. You can read about it on Pure Fluff. I wish I could go back to Times Square to see the start of the race. I saw those red steps where the teams got their backpacks but we did not climb them.


Thank you Daddy and Mommy for the old pictures and belated happy birthday Phil!


6 thoughts on “The Amazing Race Places Season 19

  1. Not so good is that you’ll just be posting twice a week but what is really good is that you are prioritizing school. Concentrate on Math and Science and claim that NXT robotics thingie! TAR had a Philippine leg waay back, you were probably just a baby then, El Nido and Rizal Park . I bet you’ve been to both places since you guys go around a lot.


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