The Great Teppanyaki Theater

There is a new restaurant in SM MOA called Banzai. It is a Japanese restaurant and you can wear costumes and dresses from Japan there and have pictures taken but I didn’t do that.


It is a really, really big place. So since it is really big and I want to be batugan here are all the pictures.

Teppanyaki meat.


Sushi rolls. I love sushi!


The bicycle behind the boats and the boats are holding the bowls.


So many salmon.


Wait. What? Green yaki soba?




Hangman chicken edition.


It is a very big place so I found a map on the internet on Go Jackie Go and she gave me permission to use her map so here it is.

My first plate in Banzai.  It is lots of sushi and has soy sauce with wasabi.


My second plate has fried rice and meat.


My third plate is all tonkatsu and tempura.


And this is my new friend Sydney who I met there. Her mom and dad and her came to visit from the UK. We played with the camera tricks on my iPad. This is Sydney’s face with twirl.


Everything good was everything I tried. Not so good was that I was so full because I had so much ice cream and snow cones. Not so good is that Sydney almost fell from the chair while we were playing but she held on to the table. She is a ninja baby.


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