Fun Land 4

I love Minecraft. So today I’ll show you the biggest creation in my iPad it is


This is where a mini-game is.  It is called Slender Cat and the 5 cheeses.  There is also a Hall of Fame in the water pyramid.


This is my country’s flag on top of my merry-go-round.  There is a tree hotel on the left.

I also have a roller coaster and it has the longest drop.


This is a Jack and the Beanstalk thing.  This view is weird because Jack looks bigger than the giant.  You can also see the giant’s animals.


This is another mini-game with the history of Funland ride.  It is a small, lovely world. Like Disney’s Small World ride only this has the history of how I built the place and also memories.


This is Lion Cat Park with a love ride, a haunted house, an infinity ride and an X-men dragon race.  The burger at the bottom is McDo.


The picture below has an Amazing Race pit-stop.  Can you find it? This picture is from the Corals Beach of Fun Land.


The next picture shows a maze.


This is the top view of the tree hotel that I said earlier.


You can read more about Minecraft on their official webpage. There are also many Minecraft blogs and you can find the links all in one place.

Good is that adults, teenagers and kids play it so it is for everyone. Not so good is I am stuck with Minecraft PE. PE means pocket edition. I need my own laptop or my own computer.


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