Italian in the neighborhood

Lolo Jun invited us for dinner in Mama Lou’s.  It’s been a long time since we ate there.  I think the last time I ate there was last year.

I put so much spicy stuff on my bread and it wasn’t that spicy. I put chili flakes, the tomato and the weird green spread, the green hot sauce and the red hot sauce. It was good. Look at the bread in the picture. Here is another picture of Ate Gabby texting.


Also texting.  Ate Gabby and Lolo Jun. Busted! Here is the pizza, arugula, alfalfa sprouts and hot sauces. Did you know alfalfa sprouts can grow in the dark?


This is my ice-blended coffee. It was good. Anything cold is good because it is so hot.


This is my mushroom risotto. I wanted to get the best risotto so I got this one.


This is Ate Gabby’s or Daddy’s.  It is tuyo pasta. I didn’t taste it.


Another view of the pizza.


Everything here is always good. Nothing not so good in the food. Not so good is I don’t have a picture of my blueberry cheesecake. Not so good is Mommy was stuck in traffic and did not eat with us.


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