Hot Chocolate

Someone named Lexie commented on my first post to go Max Brenner in Boston but Boston is so far.  Mommy said there is Max Brenner in Greenbelt but daddy said it is closed already. So we decided to go to Chocolate Fire in Makati instead.


This is my coffee caramel fire frappuccino. So good I finished it before I finished my food. It comes with a potato chip dipped in chocolate.


This is my Eggs Benedict. It was dinner time but I really wanted to eat it.


Mommy had sausage.


Daddy had burger.


Daddy got the favorite of the chocolatier. Apple and Caramel Bark. Then white chocolate with macadamia and cranberries. If you buy one the other one is free.


Mommy had dark chocolate bark with chili. I did not taste it cause it sounded weird.


I had strawberry and honeycomb dipped in chocolate. Yummy!


Everything good was everything except the chocolate with chili. Or maybe it was good but I did not try it. Daddy did not like it. Not so good is you cannot take pictures of the chocolate unless you order it. Not so good is Max Brenner is closed. You can read about Max Brenner on Lexie’s blog.


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