The Plastic People

This is my building. My classroom is on the second floor where the bars are under the tree.


They changed the time. School now starts at 7:30 instead of 8:00. Waking up early is not good cause we’re more sleepy in the morning than when school starts at 8:00. We also have to wait outside the classrooms cause the doors are locked until the doors are opened by Sir Harold.

What is good is that we are using iPads this year instead of bringing heavy, fat bags. It is lighter now. You have to be at least Grade 5 to use an iPad. Our books are already in the iPad. Not good is that the school did something so we can only use the iPad for studying and basically anything that is not a game.

So today we had someone special from PowerMac teach us the basics of iPad use, iOS 7 and other things kids don’t normally know. We need to have working apps for our reports and blah, blah, blah.

Today they told us to take a picture of classmates. This is what I took. It is not the whole class because Lara M. was absent I think she is still abroad or something. I used stretch effect. Presenting the plastic people.


Tomorrow is Independence Day so we have no school. Two days of school then it is already a holiday. That is good.


5 thoughts on “The Plastic People

  1. Very Good Luis! When I was your age, I wanted and looked forward to a lot of holidays as well….,enjoy school, learn a lot, and always be good……


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