My Friend’s Restaurant

This restaurant belong to the family of my friend. Milly’s is in BF.  Not in SM BF.

This is my fish fingers and they were good.  I loved it even the fries.

This is the roast beef ordered by my mom. The beef was tender and the sauce and mushrooms was yummy.

My sister, Ate Gabby won the best tasting food competition with this.  Chicken cordon blue? bleu?  Everytime our famiy is in a restaurant, we play this game where we taste everyone else’s food and we decide which is best.  But I am the head judge so I won so many times before I started my blog. I don’t make a lot of mistakes because I believe in my gut and my heart. Just think of the ingredients and if you tried them before think if you like the combination and that is your choice.

Daddy had short ribs.  Also good.

We liked the food and my parents were happy with the price. We even saw the parents of my friend outside the restaurant.  We didn’t have dessert here cause we wanted to try another place.  This will be my next post.  So this is like part one and the dessert is like part two.  To be continued . . .


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