The Cold Moustache

This is part two of the night.  Part one was in Milly’s. This next one is Milky.  So let’s take the milky way to the Milky Moustache. Milky shakes. We just walked to this place cause it is near Milly’s and Bamba’s. It’s a small place so it is kinda hard to get a seat and to get the waiter to get your orders.

It took like forever for us to get our shakes because only one girl was making so many shakes for everyone.  The people who arrived much later than us got their shakes even before the people who arrived before us.


My shake won the taste competition. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read it here. My order was Speculoos crunchy shake.  It was so cold it took me a long time to finish. Sip. Sssssiiiipppp. So cold but no brain freeze.

Ate Gabby ordered Choco cookie crumble.  The order took so long we had hers in the take out cup.  While waiting we played Mafiel, a coin game.  We make a coin spin and try to keep it spinning using our fingers. You put your pointing finger against your thumb and you pitik. Pitik is flick in English said Ate Gabby.

Mom ordered iced coffee.  I didn’t like it.  Dad ordered cappuccino. No picture cause it looked regular. So mommy came in third.

Good were my order and Ate Gabby’s order. We had the best tasting ones. Not so good was waiting forever for the shake. But it is so good I want to go back even if it takes really long. Or I can just go back when there is noone there.


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