Father’s Day Special

Today is Father’s Day.  Because it is for Daddy, I said we should eat Filipino but Ate Gabby and Mommy said we should try a fancy restaurant. So we ate here in 22 Prime in Discovery Suites.

We are 22 floors up. It’s legit.

Here is my Dad. He loves plants so our house is a jungle now and he’s the best dad ever. And I will miss him if he takes the job in Cebu. We love our dads so Happy Fathers Day.

Here are the things for the spread. My favorite was the butter.

This is the amuse bouche. Poached shrimp with mango salsa. I don’t know what amuse bouche means before but it is a bite-size appetizer. It was very, very, very good.

Ate Gabby and I ordered the 3-course menu. This is our first course. Crab bisque. The soup is good. I gave the crab thing in the middle to Ate Gabby because she really liked it and wanted it.

My main course was grilled ribeye. Mine is good and the meat was tender. I liked the asparagus of the vegetables best. The sauce was also good. However, it was so many that I only finished the steak and not the other things.

Ate Gabby had Surf and Turf. She won the contest for best tasting order. Again.

Our last course was warm chocolate velvet cake with vanilla ice cream and raspberry coulis and oranges. I thought they were pineapples. Fail.

This is mommy and daddy’s Caesar’s salad. I tasted it and it is okay.

Daddy and mommy shared a dry-aged ribeye. It was also good cause they finished everything. Like my order but bigger.

My drink was watermelon shake. It was good and it looks like Ate Gabby has a Las Vegas hat.20140615-173030-63030891.jpg

Everything good is that it is Father’s Day and I have an awesome dad. Also good is that he is a blogger like me. See plantchaser.com. For the food what was good was the amuse bouche and all the steak. The dessert was also good. Not so good is that we had so much food it took us so long to finish lunch. Also good is that Daddy got a free stress ball and discount cards. Not so good is in the parking beside us is a really dirty black car and people wrote on it already clean me please cause I am dirty. Not so good is Ate Gabby is forcing me to walk with her right now because we ate so much food but I am feeling batugan. Not so good is I am farting today, LOL, even if I didn’t have beans. However protein gives you farts so the steak is protein and maybe that is why. This is my Father’s Day special post. I love you Daddy! To the moon and back forever and ever.


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