The Amazing Race Places Season 20

Correction: I said I still have to go to Atlanta in the first Amazing Race post but my dad says I have been to Atlanta but only to the airport.

In Season 20, the only place I have been to that they went to is the Osaka Castle in Japan. It was awesome to be there. We fed pigeons outside and we tried to climb the giant stone wall.

Osaka Castle was the pit stop in Japan. When we were there we passed the place where the pit stop was. It took the teams forever to find it cause it was hidden but I recognized the place. It was hidden next to the entrance. This is the picture of the Brenchel team, Brendon and Rachel, not getting eliminated and Rachel crying again.


What was good about this episode is the funniest road block ever. Bring the chicken home. More funny than the Vietnam challenge in Season 15. So many ducks. Also good this episode I learned about sushi bingo. I wanna go back to Japan to play it or we can make our own with sushi candy. Not so good is I did not yet go to Argentina, Paraguay, Italy, Austria, Germany, Azerbaijan, Tanzania and Honolulu.


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