It’s time to Shine

This is Shine Bakery and Cafe in SM Aura.  If you don’t know where SM Aura is, there is a map in my second post. My first post is what I am going to say in this blog.

So this is Shine. It was a Best Restaurant for 2013.


They have a fancy blackboard.


They served the cake first.  Strange. This is Daddy’s sans rival. I didn’t like it too much. Maybe because of the almonds.


All our phones and iPad died except Daddy’s Blackberry so the next pictures are taken with it and not so good. This is Mommy’s salad. She was not happy because the menu said it had pickled radishes but the salad didn’t have it. She asked the waiter and he said the menu was wrong and that the salad really doesn’t have pickled radishes. I thought the apple and arugula salad was really good.


The last food they served was my order classic cheeseburger sliders. Mom and dad shared one and I had two.IMG-20140607-00384

Everything good was the salad and my sliders. I want to go back there to eat sliders again.




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