We’re going to Region 1

This is a restaurant in BF with food from Region 1. It’s name is Balai Ilocos which means Ilocos house.20140615-085836-32316322.jpg

I have no idea what these sauces are.

These are plates with handwriting.

The appetizer is chichacorn. This is Ate Gabby’s favorite. I think it is okay.

Poque-poque is made of eggplant. But in Filipino means vajay-jay. In Filipino it is a bad word.

This is dinakdakan. My favorite. The best-tasting of the orders.

This is mechado. Not my favorite.

I like Region 1 food. It was good. Filipino food is awesome! The Philippines is awesome! I have a classmate who hates the Philippines and is always complaining and wants to go to the USA. They don’t have funny names for their food like ours. LOL!


6 thoughts on “We’re going to Region 1

  1. SO fun to see foods I have never heard of! Egg plant is the only food I am allergic too but I really liked it the onle time I tried it 🙂 I think your favorite would be my favorite too!


  2. Dinakdakan is also a funny name Luis. The dish looks really good but I don’t think you would like a serving of “dinakdakan” the verb. 😊


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