The Amazing Race Places Season 21

In Season 21, the teams went to many places including Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

The first clue here is in the Central Station where there is a Fast Forward.

We went to this train station almost everyday because this is where we ride the train to go places. Our faces are like that cause it was so windy.


The fast forward is to eat raw herring. The sisters did it.

Mommy does not have a picture of us with the raw herring. There is a shop near our apartment. I tried it and liked it. However I like sushi better.

The teams also had to look for a floating poffertjes stand, eat it and get the next clue. Poffertjes are like little pancakes with sugar on top. Sometimes with fruits.

We did not see a floating one when we went but we ate it when we went to Delft. The one with the strawberries and cream is my favorite. I miss it.


After the teams eat the poffertjes, the next clue is a detour. Back in time and Organ to grind. In back in time, they had to recreate Rembrandt’s The Night Watch. That was so cool.

We saw The Night Watch in a museum which was closed for a long time. I can’t remember the name. Daddy says it is Rijksmuseum. He doesn’t know if the spelling is correct. The Night Watch is really, really big and really, really dark. Even my face is dark.


The teams went to New York again. I did not go to the places they went like Coney Island and the United Nations. However we were able to eat pizza one lunch time with Tica.

Not so good is I still have to go to China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Turkey, Russia, Spain and the Loire Valley in France, Brooklyn and United Nations. I’ve been to France but not the valley.  I love the Brooklyn leg. It is my favorite leg and the last leg in 21. It was so good and fun. Bye-oh!


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