Lunch with Lolo Jun. Hi! I’m Luis and I am going to tell you about everything I eat. This is in Cibo in ATC which means Alabang Town Center. It is near Project Pie. ATC is a confusing building cause I think it is on a hill and there are many ups and downs. At least it is not SM BF.

This is my strawberry shake. Soooo good. Strawberry is my all-time favorite fruit. Buko is my favorite also.


I also ate a lot of salad.


This is my porkchop order and it is so sad because . . .


… someone died in my order. I renamed it the pork in our stars.

Everything good in Cibo is all the food. The porkchop was really good even if I made it a sad movie. Does anyone want to bring me to watch Fault in our stars? Ate Gabby read the book and Daddy and Mommy doesn’t want to bring me even if I said I will bring the tissue paper so I just watch the trailer. Not so good is that I did not watch the movie.


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