Cranky Hours

Last Independence Day it was a holiday and my Tito Nino invited my parents to Happy Hour in Long Bar in Raffles Hotel in Makati. I asked if I could go and he said it was okay. Here is a picture of the entrance of Long Bar. Happy Hour is strange because it is not 1 hour but 3 hours. Children are not allowed inside after 6pm. We arrived at 6pm so guess who was not allowed to go inside.

So this is NOT happy hour for me. It is now cranky hours and I don’t like Long Bar anymore. Thumbs down. Kick the sign.

We ended up in Writer’s Bar where they send all the people with kids who want to try Long Bar. This is my selfie with books in the background written by the writers.

My Tito Nino and my dad are drinking different kinds of beer from different countries. Mommy drank some kind of strange juice called singapore sling.

While they got drunk I just had water. But I ordered food. This is chorizo corn dog. I like the hungarian corn dog in salcedo market better.

This is a spanish torta made of eggs and anchovies with olives on the side.

We also ordered sliders but I forgot to take a picture of the food so here is a picture Mommy took of Ate Gabby eating it.

Everything good is the food. Not just not so good but bad is that I couldn’t go to Long Bar. Boo to me being underage. Boo to me not being able to do a lot of stuff that are really cool. Like watching 22 Jump Street. Like driving. Like voting. Like boating. Like joining the Olympics. Oh I can’t join cause I don’t have a sport in the Olympics. Haha yah. I want to swim in my cousin’s pool now. I want to cannonball. So this is the end.

But here’s a joke. A pet from a guy in the army broke a bunch of stuff in the break room. The general says to the army do you know what he did to the break room? And then one of the soldiers slides on top of a table and he says Did he break anything? Too easy bro. Really?

Thank you for reading this post.


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