Ble ble ble ble ble

Ble is another hole in a wall restaurant in BF. Why can’t someone make a game show in a hole in a wall called hole in a wall? Ble means blue in Greek so this is blue blue blue blue blue. It is a really small place so we kids, me, Ate Gabby and Kuya Jarvis sat in the counter while our parents and Tito Nino ate outside. Where outside? My mom says to call it a patio.

Ble is a Greek restaurant with a Greek owner. Meet Yiannis.  His wife is Ayse and they both cook. This is the view from the counter. You can see inside the kitchen.

My drink was a strawberry flavor greek yogurt smoothie. It is yummy and made me want to drink more. Glub glub glub.

This is my order. I think it is falafel with pita bread. I enjoyed this. I ate all except the vegetables which Ate Gabby got from me. This is fast to eat and yummy.

Everything was good. Not so good was I forgot to take pictures of the dessert. Everyone had baklava except me. I forgot the name but we found it on their facebook page. Loukoumades.  It looks like a sweet takoyaki ball. You should try it. They also sell in Salcedo market. I miss Salcedo market. I cannot go anymore because I have to study on Saturday morning and then I also have voice lessons. Well, that is it for this post of Greek food. See you soon on Luis’ Taste of Life.


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