The king in the corner

This is Kanto King. Kanto is corner in Filipino so this is why the post is called king in the corner. It’s another hole in a wall in BF Homes. So many BF places. It is not aircon but it was cool the night we went. By the way there was a dog that wanted some food from us. The place is open on two sides so the dog was able to come in. Also it is only open at night and it is closed on Sundays. We tried to eat here several times and couldn’t. Boo!

This is called sinuglaw. Like sashimi with vinegar and pork.

This is my order. Salpicao with garlic rice. All of us had garlic rice. The best food I ever tasted so far. No make it best kanto food I ever tasted so far.

Mommy and Ate Gabby shared grilled lamb. I tasted it and it was also good. Even without mint jelly it was still good. Daddy ate one whole order of lamb.


Everything good was everything. Again. Not so good is mommy did not allow us to give food to the poor dog. It is so sad. We should help all animals and kids with no shelter. Why don’t we help them people? I mean I don’t want them to be like in the orphanage in Annie. Make a change everyone. Even if I’m not the light I can be the spark. Okay people? Okay. Now let’s go back to the corner and eat there again.


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