The Amazing Race Places Season 22

Time for another Amazing Race post. The places I did not yet go in season 22 are Los Angeles in the USA, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Botswana, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom. Not so good.

In the 5th leg of the race they went to Hanoi.

See that red bridge on the right side of the lake? We went there too. That is Tito Chito, me, Ninang Asela and her husband, Tita Gerald, Ate Gabby and Mommy.


In the Detour here you have to make your move or make your meal. In make your meal the teams had to cook pho. In make your move they had to play some human chess game in the Temple of Literature. In the chess game the teams had to put the right position of each player however you had to match the colors of the tokens that looks the same as their shirts and put those in the board. However a lot of the teams got confused and the tokens were actually used by the original people. Fail.

Us again. In the temple of literature.  It is amazing that I’ve been to so many places in the amazing race.


We did not cook pho but we ate it across the street from the temple. This is me and Daddy in Hanoi. We did not eat pho here but we ate a buffet of all chocolate. Daddy looks weird and I look sleepy.


The last leg of the race was in Washington, D.C. First the teams had to go the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and the guy will give them their clue after reading and looking at the view.

This is Abraham Lincoln a former president of the United States and here we are next to him.


The clue was to meet President Obama however they had to get fake pictures with a photoshop Obama.

I think ours looked better even if Obama and his wife are made of wax. This is in Madame Tussauds in Thailand. This is where I wanted to get a wax hand. However if we had brought it back to the Philippines it would just melt.


The final pit stop was in Mount Vernon. Mount Vernon is the home of George Washington. He was another president of the USA.

Tito Awesome and Tita Lani brought our family to Mount Vernon when we visited them. The place is SO BIG! We had a long tour around the house. Tito Awesome is really awesome even if my mom says he used to bully her before. I am a kid who has been to a final pit stop before it became a pit stop.


Good is that we went to these places. I also want to be like my Ninang Karen and go to Hawaii which is the pit stop of Amazing Race season 20. If you haven’t seen that, that is not so good and where have you been in my blog?


2 thoughts on “The Amazing Race Places Season 22

  1. Love all the photos Luis, you and your ate Gabby are such cuties!!! It’s really nice that you appreciate the places you have visited with your family, keep collecting memories and adventures 🙂


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