First Thai food post

Okay. This is Dusadee Thai in BF. Why are there so many south restaurants? Dear parents can we go to the north next time? Like Pasig or something. Dusadee is the name of the owner.


There is no door to the kitchen and you have to go through it to get to the restroom. That is why I have a picture inside. They are making bagoong rice. There is green mango in it. So if you hate green mango tell them you don’t like it so they will not put it.


This is me eating my bagoong rice already. I forgot to take a picture of it with the pork.


This is something I don’t know. It is like a lumpia but it is yummy.


Dessert is sticky rice and mango. My favorite dessert when I was in Thailand so I’m happy that now I can get it anytime I want.


Everything good is everything. Seriously. I think this is the best restaurant in BF now. The food is cheap too. Nothing not so good here. Even if there is no aircon it is okay because you can see the beautiful view.


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