This is a restaurant in Molito in Alabang. The lines were really long before when it just opened. Now we just go after school, me and my mom, if Ate Gabby has angklung practice.

This is the view of the kitchen. If you are from Japan then you will recognize the baby on the shelf. The baby represents Japanese mayo I think because I remember seeing a stand in the supermarket that looked like that baby and the stand had all mayo.


They said this little blue statue is the ramen god who taught them how to make ramen. I asked my mom to zoom in and crop out the mayo baby.


A lot of their food is ramen. This is mommy’s soupless ramen.  She ate it so fast.


My order had soup. It was shio or shoyu, I don’t remember. I didn’t finish it because I was full.


Everything good is the ramen. Not so good is that you have to eat a light breakfast and light lunch only before you go here cause they don’t allow takeout even of leftovers. So you need to be able to finish everything or else it will be wasted. Not so good is the mayo baby. Creepy thing. Creepy mayo.


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