Flower Restaurant / Hana Restaurant

Hana means flower in English. This is somewhere in BF. Another hole in the wall. So many hole in the wall with good food. They serve Japanese and Korean food.


This is the appetizer. Kimchi and yellow radish. I didn’t eat it cause I don’t love kimchi and the radish looked weird. You can also see my sister Ate Gabby and my cousin Kuya Jarvis. They are always texting or playing. I don’t like it. I hate puberty.


Continuing with the regular blog this is miso soup. If you have kids they probably think the soup looks weird but it is actually good. I like soup. I like clams.


This is Korean roll. I didn’t try it either. It was the order of Ate Gabby and Kuya Jarvis. I didn’t enjoy the Korean roll of my Korean friend from before. It was his baon in recollection and everyone of us near him asked him for sushi. You can try it because it must be good to others since they ate everything.


This is my tonkatsu. It was good tonkatsu but I think I like Yabu better. My Tito Nino said there are better places but I did not try them yet. The best tonkatsu ever that I tasted was in Osaka. It was in the mall behind our hotel. I don’t remember the name but you grind the seeds and mix it in the sauce. The Hana tonkatsu is still good though. My dad and mom liked it.


Everything good is the food since it is near the house and Yabu is far. If I really think about it maybe it is all tie except for the one in Osaka. I’m too tired to write anymore. I want to make a crown out of rainbow loom using fishtail. I think my cousin Santi made one. I think it is true because it was made with boy colors. Maybe next post I will show you what I made but now I have to stop blogging and make one.


3 thoughts on “Flower Restaurant / Hana Restaurant

  1. “I hate puberty.” You are funny, Luis 🙂 My favorite tonkatsu is Saboten. There’s one in Serendra. If you want, I can bring you there sometime. 🙂


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