Busy Me

Been busy with school and stuff. Was even too busy to write this post properly. But for those of you who have been waiting I will post soon.
I just had to study for assessments, do voice and dance auditions for the school musical and practice for my solo performance test in special music class. I play the violin. I also have my pretty tutor on Saturday morning and voice lessons after. I also have Muay Thai after school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Our family also watches UAAP basketball on weekends and sometimes a movie. I also have a new game app called Card Wars so it was the death of my blog.

What? You want more blogging? Coming soon or maybe not is how to make tamago, bacon pancakes, awesome sandwich, more restaurants, another top 5 posts and more.


2 thoughts on “Busy Me

  1. You are just an awesome kid, Luis! What a busy life you have, but that’s awesome! I enjoy reading your blogs and your wonderful adventures:-) So…..keep doing what you’re doing, okay? Muah!

    Auntie Baby


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