Sorry. I know this posted without any words and just pictures. Like I said I am busy.

So let’s start already.

This is Hanakazu in BF.  So many BF restaurants. So many BF posts.

These are crabs playing together. I’m not sure if they are cooked or they are just on display. I like looking at them when I go. Maybe they get cooked cause sometimes there are no crabs there.


This is pirikara konyako. It’s kinda like a spicy jelly.  I didn’t try it.


This is ikura sushi. It is eggs of salmon. Ate Gabby and I had one each.  I liked it. It is chewy and poppy. 


This is tamago.  As you remember in my last what is coming up post, I’m soon going to show you how to make tamago. It is really good. But it doesn’t like the one they serve in Hanakazu. My sister and I really like this food but not as much as shrimp tempura.


This was Ate Gabby’s beef yakimeshi.  She always orders this cause it is good.


This is my order. I loved it.  Toridon. The don foods are also my favorites.


This is the special kamameshi. I forgot the name. Daddy and mommy shared it. It had different kinds of seafood. You’ll probably want to order this because this won the best food contest. Do you remember our family contest that I told you about?


This is miso soup. It is made of soybeans, salt and fungus. It is really good though. 


This is ramen but I don’t remember what kind it is.



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