My Birthday Special

I didn’t post a lot because it was final exam week or what my school calls CUA. Culminating unit assessment I think. Some exams were hard. Some exams were easy. I hope I passed.

In July 21 it was my birthday so here is the place where we ate.  It is near to Bellevue. It is in Alabang and it is called Coco Hut. Look at the picture. The sign says they have fried chicken and fish.

This is chowder that my Mom and I shared. It was really good but it was also boiling hot.

This is an appetizer. It is called calamari. Also known as squid rings. It has a sweet and spicy sauce to it.

This is the chicken. It is obvious. This is the Hut chicken or  spicy flavored chicken. We don’t have pictures of the classic chicken, that is other kind of chicken, cause the food was so good that we just ate and forgot to take pictures. A lot of my posts coming up will involve missing pictures of the yummy food.

What seafood is the strongest? Mussels! These are mussels. Not clams. These were really, really good. These are tipsy mussels cause they are cooked in wine.

Of course it was good because it was my birthday. Also good is that it was also my Daddy’s birthday. Cause I was born on his birthday. Not so good was that it was still earth hour all over again. No electricity on my birthday. What is even more not so good is that my birthday was on a school day. Oh but another good thing was that my Mommy’s Bellevue membership allowed us to stay some more nights in the hotel. You can read about extended earth hour in my last post. And for the first time ever, I plan to post tutorials. This will probably be after all my posts that are already lined up.


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