Gusto ko sa Gusto

Gusto in Filipino means like. I know there is a Filipino word called gusto but I had to ask my family what it means. Gusto in Italian means taste. I had to ask Google what it means.

Gusto Trattoria Siciliana is an Italian restaurant in BF. Are you surprised it is BF again? Why do we eat in BF? Is it because my Daddy is lazy to drive? We ate here after my voice lessons and Ate Gabby’s ballet class. Daddy, Mommy, Tica and Carmen who is Ate Gabby’s friend were already waiting for us.

This is a Misto della casa.  It is all the kinds of their appetizer so you can taste everything they have. My favorite was quail egg truffle toasts and the liver pate toasts.


This is Tica’s order Parmigiana di melanzane. It is eggplant baked in tomato sauce.

This is for everyone to taste. Spaghetti al nero di seppia. It was really good but not so black. I give it 4 out of 5.

Daddy ordered Spaghetti alla carrettiera. I didn’t get to try it but Daddy says it was Mama Mia! It has anchovies, pepper flakes, bread crumbs and lots and lots of garlic.

This was Mommy’s order. Tonna in crosta di pistacchio. This was the winner of all the food in my blog. I ate most of it. It is crusted tuna with balsamic sauce. Mommy was talking and not eating so I kinda stole some. LOL!

This is one of the orders we three kids shared. Cheese and tomato pizza. I don’t know the name but it is actually good. I was kinda full from the tuna I stole from my mom so yeah I only had 3 slices of the pizza.

We kids also shared lasagna and we all liked it as much as the pizza. Yummy.

The tuna, pizza and lasagna and the bread with the egg were really really good. Not so good was we did not get to see the chef. But the owner and his family were there.

Announcement. Please go back and read my first post where I ask you to tell me what restaurants you want me to try. If it is out of my country I am only allowed to travel in April and May and sometimes I might not even go to the country you want me to go to. So you can suggest restaurants in the Philippines or maybe even just the kinds of food that you want me to try and I will look for them.


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