Chinese Crystal Jade

One afternoon we decided to eat in a Chinese restaurant that Tica said was good. So from Quezon City our whole family plus Tica, Lola May and Tito Nino went to Taguig. What were we doing in Quezon City? We watched a UAAP basketaball game at the big dome.

The chinese restaurant is Crystal Jade Dining In in Bonifacio High Street Central in Taguig. Finally, not another BF restaurant where my blog has been stuck for a long time. They have eat all you can dimsum. This is one of the posts where I forgot to take pictures because I was so busy eating. That makes me a hungry blogger more than a good blogger. But you can see here some of the food that we ordered.

This is the spring roll thing. I’ve now forgotten what it tasted but just try it cause it was all eaten so it must be good.

This is their special. This is the reason why Tica told us to go here. Second best to the tuna from my Gusto post. This is Salted egg yolk custard bun. Everyone in our family loved it except my mom who didn’t try it. She was allergic to eggs as a kid but she isn’t anymore but she doesn’t like it. She only eats egg if it doesn’t taste like egg food. Like in some Japanese restaurants you don’t taste the egg in the tamago just the mix of ingredients so she eats that after dipping it in soy sauce. One of the buns was sad.

The filling is really good. It is the best part. Be careful though. Before you bite the bun wait for 30 seconds for it to cool down. When I bit the bun it was still very hot and some of the custard filling dripped on my plate. This is my dad’s bun though. We almost forgot to take pictures again cause everyone was excited to try it but Daddy took a picture of the custard inside the orange bun.

Everything good was everything. Not so good was that we were all hungry and everyone kept eating the dimsum fast so when I would remember to take a picture, the dimsum is gone. Not so good is that our school basketball team lost to Ateneo. 😦


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