A Place where kids can eat even if there is a cocktail section.

This is Burgoo in SM MOA. We ate here before watching a UAAP game.

This is a side dish of buffalo wings. It is not the best buffalo wings but it was actually good.


This is the place where you can see people working but I think this is where you can get your cocktails.


This is Daddy’s soup which is not that good. I didn’t find out what kind of soup it is.


This is Caesar’s salad. If you like this kind of food then order this. Boom!


This is Ate Gabby’s chicken sandwich.  It is like the one in Bon Chon but this one has fries.


My order was shrimp and chips. It is like fish and chips but it is shrimp. The shrimp tasted fresh but I still like fish and chips best.


Everything good was most of the food. Not so good was Daddy’s soup. Also Tito Nino’s drink order took forever. Plus also good was our Tito Chito was wearing the same pants as the waiters. Like he was the head waiter. That was weird.


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