Kafe Yen

This is Kafe Yen. It’s another restaurant in BF. Why are there so many restaurants here?

I don’t remember whose drink this green tea with lychee is. I have no idea what lychee is, but it has green tea. This drink was very yummy.

This is Thai iced tea. It’s like iced tea except Thailand edition. When you mix it, it becomes orange which is cool. SCIENCE!!! This drink was also yummy. It is Ate Gabby’s favorite in Thailand.

This is roti, like a pizza pancake, then you dip it in the two different sauces but I liked mixing the two sauces also. My favorite is the cucumber sauce more than curry sauce, but that’s just my opinion. So if you don’t like it, dont blame me.


This is obvious from my last Thailand post, this is bagoong rice but this time with little fishies! There’s no fish in the Dusadee Thai bagoong rice, so if you want fish, you should get this one. This also has chicken.


I think this is pork with garlic and peppers. I ate this the most, so this is the winner of the post. Plus it has fat, so people who are fat, get fat.


I didn’t try the catfish though, so sorry. It looks good though. The only reason I didn’t eat it is because there is nuts.


This is sticky rice with mango, sesame seeds, some weird sauce and rice that is sticky! We had this for dessert. It’s very yummy. If you want to see more about sticky rice, you should go check out my Dusadee Thai post because it also has sticky rice.


Everything is good. What’s bad is that it was the UAAP game that made me full and also dizzy, so that’s it. Please leave a comment on what restaurants I should try next, and try not to make it abroad because I can only do that during summer. Thanks for reading.




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