Flavor Flav

Okay.  This is BGC/Taguig where a lot of rich people live.

You might be wondering if this post is about Flavor Flav, the hip-hop person but it is not. This post is about the restaurant Sarsa Kitchen + Bar that serves Region VI food. My first regional food post was the one with poque-poque. Yes, the bad word food. So anyway Sarsa means sauce and sauce means flavor so that’s why this is the title of my post.

This is kansi. It was really yummy and good because it was raining and soup is always good when it rains.


The next picture is chicken butt or isol. Now this is really good. I tried chicken butt before in Hanakazu. Not the time that I posted but other times before. I think you will probably like it.


Chicken wings are next. So obvious. Everyone knows how good this is except some people who don’t eat chicken because they are allergic to it. So yeah. Yummy.


Pritchon pancake is like Peking duck roll but it is lechon or roast pig or actually prito lechon or fried roast pig. Very, very yummy.


I don’t want to talk about the next food because it is tortang talong or eggplant omelette or eggplant fritter and eggplants really aren’t my thing. This one has crispy sardines and white cheese. I forced myself to eat it but like I said, not my favorite.

Adults like it cause my Dad ruined the shot by eating from it. Actually I really like vegetables too. I just said I didn’t so other kids don’t feel bad about eating it. Vegetables and kids. You know. The kids who don’t eat vegetables will get chubby and the people who eat a lot of vegetables will become sexy. So we can have districts like in Hunger Games. Sexy and Chubby. Rich and Poor. Datu and alipin sagigilid. Dauntless and Amity. Celebs and non-celebs. Dummies and smarties. And the Slytherins. LOL!


Finally, the dessert which is really good. OMG! You want to eat this. Piaya ice cream sandwich with salted muscovado.

Everything good includes the sauces. So flavor flav. Instead of the not so good. I will share an honest trailer of Divergent which you probably may know if you are an honest trailer fan. If you are an honest trailer fan then you are so cool. So here it is. Enjoy. Divergent.


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