A Brainiac in BGC

After our lunch in Sarsa, as we remember it is the restaurant with the seasoning, sauce and stuff, we went to the Mind Museum. It is also in Bonifacio Global City.

It is so cool there. When you enter you are greeted by a robot named Aedi.

This is a famous Filipino science person. Her name is Ma. Mercedes Rodrigo. She is not a real hologram but she looks like one. There is also a photo bomber yaya.

This is a game where you drag the animal back to its home. Daddy used his brain and he was the best at this. He is a brainiac.

This is a tunnel that makes you dizzy. It doesn’t look like anything but once you step in it the walls are turning. The bridge feels like it is moving but it is not. So you feel dizzy. You have to move forward to the next exhibit once you enter that. You cannot go back out but I did that cause I didn’t know. I finally did it without falling but when my sister Ate Gabby did it on her field trip she fell down when she took her first step.

My feet are so small compared to the T-rex footprint. Look how big it is.

This is a T-rex! It is so big however the only thing sad about it is that its arms are tiny.

This is the theater that shows a 3D movie about how the world began. Some parts were confusing or I just didn’t get it.

This shows what is in the cells.

There are so many more things that I didn’t show. There is also a second floor with more stuff. There is also a Science in the Park which I did on my field trip. There is a slide, a thing that lets you see an insect’s eye and some birds. I did mosquito and eagle. You should visit.

Everything good is that you use your brain. It seems so high tech and amazing. Not so good is that my mom was mad at me that day for not copying my N1. N1 is a notebook where you write down your assignments and something like a journal.


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