Don’t Get Crabby

We ate in Holy Crab. In BF. Again. It is a new restaurant and this is what the place looks like. Scroll down some more for the food text.


This is how to order.


This is the kitchen and Dang! Does Alicia Keys work here?  ♫♯That pan is on fire! ♪♭That pan is on fire! ♫♯


Boo! I hate bibs. I’m not a baby.


This is blue lemonade for everyone. Ate Gabby on a gadget again.

This is shrimp in garlicky-lime and salted egg sauce. OMG it is so good! I like the head of the shrimp with the sauce.


Mussels, the strongest creature in the sea. This is Aye Caramba sauce. Not spicy at all.


This is crab and it is the best thing in the restaurant. We tried it in Bali-coco sauce.


This is my own creation of seafood cocktail. I plated my rice with shrimps and mussels.


Everything good is the food and it is near the house. However, I still like Shrimp Bucket because it has more and better sauces. Holy Crab is good if I want to eat near the house.


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