Who is J?

Kuya J is a restaurant in SM BF. We really are here a lot. Last night we also watched Teenage mutant ninja turtles but we ate in Kimono Ken. We ate here in Kuya J weeks ago but we have been back in SM BF a lot.

Mommy says Kuya J started in Cebu City in the the Visayas. I’ve been to Cebu but not Kuya J’s. So it is good there is in SM BF so we don’t have to go to Cebu.

This is my mango shake in a bottle not in a glass. Every shake is in a bottle.

This is sisig with egg and onions. I ordered this and it is really good. This won the best food contest.

This is pochero. It is like bulalo but red. I don’t know how to explain it. But it was yummy.

This is pinakbet but I didn’t try it. It looks weird. Daddy’s pinakbet looks better.

Baked scallops is my new favorite dish. If you don’t know what scallop is, it is a thing in a shell. Scallops are better than mussels.

Everything good is sisig of course. Not so good is the strange looking pinakbet but my mom said it was good and she ate a lot. I want to eat here again.


2 thoughts on “Who is J?

  1. The baked scallops look great. I’ve tried baked scallops and so far they are awesome. I like how you set up your blog like a chalk board. Most of these dishes I might try if I can in the future. I hope you can keep blogging about different foods you have tried. So my question is … ” How many other foods are a little different you have seen ? “


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