Far Away

This is a place where you have to buy the ingredients in the market and they’ll cook it for you for your dinner or lunch or breakfast.  It is called Dampa. This is Dampa. I don’t know if it is Muntinlupa, Las Pinas or Cavite. It is going to Cavite so the title is Far Away. So far because in Cavite that means you will leave NCR / National Capital Region. Going to another region is going so far away. Like going to Tagaytay Highlands. It can take two hours or so.

These are some pictures of the ingredients being sold in the market.

Shrimp and prawns and fish.





This is the restaurant where we had our food cooked. If you want to eat here you better find the symbol of the fish and the S.


This is clam soup because it had clams in a soup. The problem is that it had some stuff I didn’t like. Like ginger.


This is chili garlic crab.Yummy! Garlicky!


I didn’t try this fish so I have no idea how it was.


Steamed shrimp. Creepy eyes popping out. Orange and reddish color. Remove the head and suck the brain juice cause it is good.


Everything good was that the restaurant had a TV and we were able to watch World War Z again. Not so good was the ginger in the soup. Not so good was that the restaurant had a karaoke machine and the karaoke area was near us. Not so good were the people singing. So noisy because you can hear them even if you are not inside the room.


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